Service Solutions

How can we get it done? We can either provide solutions to your needs on a project by project basis or we can tailor a cost effective Complete Care Plan that will provide you with a comprehensive IT program.

Bryant Technology Complete Care Plan

Our monthly per computer support plan will keep your business running smoothly, allowing you to focus on your customers. Workstations, laptops and servers can be included. The plan is very simple, and there is no contract.

Here is a sample of what we can help you with:

  • Unlimited Technical Support – Computer slowing down or crashing? We can fix it. Just have a question or want to know how to do something in a document or spreadsheet? We’ve got answers and we can teach you how!

  • Hardware replacement or upgrades – Need more memory installed? Hard drive crashed? Got a new computer and now you need your stuff moved from the old computer to the new one? We do it all. Excludes software and hardware costs.

  • Security patches and updates – We can make sure your software is up to date, keeping your computer safe and running optimally.

  • Virus removal / virus protection – We will make sure your computer is virus free and that virus protection software is installed, configured and up to date. We can even provide free anti-virus software.

  • Proactive monitoring – We can keep an eye on the health of your computers and take care of most issues before they become a problem.

  • Backups – We will ensure your data is safely backed up, and perform restores when needed.

Here are the things we will put in place as part of the Bryant Technology Computer Support Plan to make sure things run smoothly:

Maintain a Master Administration File

  • All administrative user IDs and passwords for operating systems, network appliances, software, etc. will be listed.

  • Tech support phone numbers and client account numbers for Internet service provider and critical software applications, and extended support plan details (if any are in place).

  • The Master Administration File will be regularly updated and at least one copy will remain with the business owner or designee at all times.